About Endure Fire Protection Services

Endure Fire is founded on the belief that a wildfire does not need to be a disaster. If we prepare our homes, businesses and properties then we can drastically reduce our risk from fire. Endure Fire Protection Services aims to not only help people become more knowledgeable about wildfire but to empower them to adequately prepare for one.

We know that not only will a well prepared property be more resilient to wildfire, but it will allow the limited Yukon firefighting resources to protect larger and larger areas as residents and businesses increasingly become prepared. As our awareness of the risk of wildfire grows, so should our preparation.

Integrity, Service and Respect are the values that Endure Fire Protection Services is built on

To us, integrity means that we will conduct ourselves in an honest, hardworking and ethical manner. When working with Endure Fire you can be sure that we will speak the truth, especially when it is hard to do; we will work hard and complete work in a timely manner; if we make a mistake or cause a misunderstanding we will own it and fix it to the best of our abilities.

We believe that our employees, our community and our valued customers all need to be treated with the utmost respect. We will do our best to respect your time by working within the times that are most convenient for you. Our vehicles will be operated and parked in a courteous manner. We will treat our customers and employees with the same level of respect due to our grandparents and we will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We know that a healthy community breeds healthy individuals so we will endeavour to give time and money back to the communities that we operate in.

Service means that we will act in a competent, professional, reliable manner and that we will give back to our communities. We will always be learning how to serve you, our customers, better by continually educating ourselves, mentoring our newer staff, and asking for feedback. We will be on time and we will come prepared for the designated work.

Giving back, and helping our community grow is very important to us. We pledge to donate 1% of all money earned to Men’s Work groups/charities, 1% of all money earned to Women’s Work groups/charities and 1% of all money earned to groups that work toward inclusion initiatives. We are always looking for more great organizations to support within men’s/women’s/inclusion work, if you know of any, please let us know!

About Shaun Cooke, Founder

Born and raised in North Vancouver, BC, Shaun grew up with an enthusiasm for the outdoors and problem solving. It was his interest in the outdoors and growing food that led him first visit Yukon in 2010 as an apprentice on a small subsistence farm just outside of Whitehorse. After returning for the following summers, Shaun moved to Yukon in the spring of 2013 and has been here ever since.

Shaun began volunteering with the Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department in 2013 and since then he has been passionate about fightng fire and about fire safety. This passion has led him to work as a Wildland Firefighter with Yukon Wildland Fire Management and to working as a Firefighter with Whitehorse Fire Department on a term contract. Shaun continues to volunteer with Whitehorse Fire Department and the Ibex Valley Volunteer Fire Department to continue his journey through experience and education in the world of firefighting.

At home, Shaun enjoys time with his dogs, time in his wood shop and quality time spent with his partner, Lis.