Wildfire Vulnerability Assessments

This is an initial FireSmart assessment of your home, property or business. Our experts will assess where your property is at risk from wildfire and suggest measures that can be taken to reduce or remove this risk. We will assess all buildings on your property as well as the four “home ignition zones” as outlined by FireSmart Canada.

This service is provided for free for customers who also request Wildfire Hazard Mitigation.

Please give us a call at 867 335 3514 for a free price quote for your property.

Wildfire Hazard Mitigation

The next step is to take corrective action for as many identified hazards as possible. We will come to your property and conduct all required property mitigation work. This most often involves thinning and limbing trees and removing excess brush and tree litter.

Though it is often advised in a Wildfire Vulnerability Assessment, we do not do minor repairs or renovations on structures. We do keep a list of trusted contractors that we can put you in touch with to do these repairs.

Please give us a call at 867 335 3514 for a free estimate for your property.

Gutter Mounted Sprinkler System

We have teamed up with the innovators at WASP Wildfire to provide Yukoners with another option in their wildfire protection toolkit. These are easy to install and they greatly increase the chances of your home being undamaged during a wildfire. We will fully design your system to be the most effective, from your water source all the way to the sprinkler head placement.

The WASP Patented Gutter Mount Sprinkler System gets water to the home’s roof and surrounding areas, where it’s needed most during wildfire emergencies. Homeowners in Yukon can now purchase the gutter mount sprinkler system through Endure Fire, which had previously only been available to the firefighting community.

Each Wildfire Protection Kit includes everything needed to help protect a standard home. Two patented sprinkler brackets, two high quality agricultural grade sprinkler heads, and two sets of forestry grade lay flat hoses.